CBA Rope Access Business Card

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8 January 2022
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8 January 2022

Business Card artwork created and printed to CBA Rope Access in London, UK.

Front and back layout with main contact info, for the directors of CBA Rope Access company.




CBA Rope Access offer a full range of well managed and reliable services, including Window Cleaning Fed Pole System reach & Wash.

In their business card design, we added important graphic elements from the company, based on their core service: skilled in a variety of rope access tasks.

The business card design has been delivered to the Directors in vector, PDF files ready-to-print and editable open source in Adobe Illustrator.

We delivered to CBA Rope Access, 250 business cards, printed in matt laminated paper, 120gsm, 85mm x 55mm size.

Visit CBA Rope Access website
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