Web and Code

  • Ruby Bella Website

    Ruby Bella is a beauty salon offering eyelash extensions in the Netherlands. On their website, the Brazilian beautician Rubilene Siqueira, a specialist in applying for semi-permanent […]
  • Anjos Express – Currency Exchange API

    An exchange calculator to convert BRL (Brazilian Real) to CHF (Swiss Franc) via API, return the result based on the daily quotation.
  • Eurofast Services Website

    Eurofast Services is a Worldwide Logistics in Brazil and the UK. Offer complete solutions for your logistics demands.
  • Brazilian Emporium Website

    Brazilian Emporium is where you’ll find a wide range of Brazilian products among the best brands, carefully selected groceries, from a wholesaler and online retailer importing […]
  • EDM Prime Website

    Exclusive Premiere Tracks, Music Reviews, EDM News and Interviews. International electronic dance music magazine, dedicated to EDM music production and culture. We are EDM Prime.
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